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What is the Alternative Board?

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The Alternative Board (TAB) concept was created for small to medium business owners who do not have the luxury of having directors to offer general advice and support.

TAB is a concept that brings together 4 to 8 non-competing business owners to create a board type forum. ‘Board’ meetings are held on a monthly basis and provide members with the opportunity to discuss challenges that they would like to overcome.

The confidential environment enables business owners to be open and transparent about their challenges allowing them to seek advice from others around the table. Business owners can also impart their knowledge and experience to others at the meeting. 

Members of TAB also receive monthly one on one coaching sessions to continue the learnings from board meetings. They also have access to a multitude of exclusive and unique on-line business tools.

How am I involved?

I am the Owner/Director of The Alternative Board - Auckland South territory, which includes Drury and Pukekohe to the South, the Airport Region in the West as well as Manukau, East Tamaki, Highbrook and Botany regions.

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